[Mono-dev] [PATCH] EventLog implementation

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Aug 14 01:50:12 EDT 2006


>>>> 	- You don't mention that which you are targetting exactly
>>>> 	  when you talk about registry stuff, so I'm guessing
>>>> 	  the worst case i.e. you are also trying to make changes
>>>> 	  on local file based implementation with related to get
>>>> 	  log store.
>>> Not sure what you mean with this. Registry is indeed used for event
>>> log registration (for both win32 event log, and log file
>>> implementations), and I think we should keep it that way.
>> I never insisted that you should *remove* registry based log location
>> retrieval. There is nothing you should worry about that.
> Ok then ;-)
> But you want a way to disable the registry stuff ?

Of course basically *only* Windows-compat implementation should
touch the registry. Having registry-based local file implementation
is *optional* (It is environment based location which is mandatory).
There could be an environment that writable /var does not exist
or where there is a policy to disallow output in /var for "strangers".

Also you have never thought that there are people like myself who
rather want file output *on Windows* (or did you ever think that
there is /var on Windows?). Reading local files in my favorite
text editor is much better than getting stuck with boring
Windows EventLog viewer.

Moreover, some people (like Miguel, and myself) don't like registry.
Our registry classes exist just for when we need compat code.
At least you never wrote registry viewer app that works on Linux.

>>>> 	  I prefer having different option i.e. current environment
>>>> 	  variable based solution, than *totally* relying on the
>>>> 	  registry, since it would rather make debugging difficult
>>>> 	  than reducing little coding cost.
>>> I understand your concerns, but in this case I think its important
>>> enough to maintain compatibility with MS.NET.
>> No, you don't truly understand my concern. There is nothing "important"
>> to kill alternatives for indicating log location.
>>> If the only thing you want to do is write to local log files, you
>>> should use a logging framework. No ?
>> No. I have been speaking about debugging. Your "formal beauty" helps no
>> people.
> It provides compatibility with MS.NET. I know you do not consider this to be
> very important (and I have no problem with this), but do think the default
> behavior should be compatible with the MS implementation.

I will Never.

Do think the default behavior should be the best suitable option for
each OSes and platforms. "MS compatible is the best" is a myth.
You can never explain that there is a bunch of I/O environmental

BTW I just revisited to run the code, and noticed that it does not
work at all. So am going to revert all of your changes (under
Miguel's agreement). As I originally suggested, feel free to
improve your code *after* my changes so that we don't waste time
for the sake of real users.

Atsushi Eno

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