[Mono-dev] [PATCH] EventLog implementation

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Aug 13 23:38:26 EDT 2006


> > 	- You don't mention that which you are targetting exactly
> > 	  when you talk about registry stuff, so I'm guessing
> > 	  the worst case i.e. you are also trying to make changes
> > 	  on local file based implementation with related to get
> > 	  log store.
> Not sure what you mean with this. Registry is indeed used for event log
> registration (for both win32 event log, and log file implementations), and I
> think we should keep it that way.

This is how it works in Windows, but it makes no sense on Linux.
Specially as our registry is a toy registry, it does not support global
registration and it would still require work (as we discussed on irc).

Not to mention that it would probably conflict with MS.NET
implementation on Windows.

I do not want a Registry-based eventlog registration system, we have
Unix ways of doing this.

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