[Mono-dev] Status of SslStream?

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez carlosga05 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 10:19:36 EDT 2006

> Carlos did a lot of work on this. Sadly we had to fix a number of issues
> in the original code and that greatly affected the complexity of
> maintaining such a large patch.
Unfortunately I haven't finished the new implementation, the work i was 
doing can be found here:


The implementation differs in many ways from the actual one
and needs more work in some areas:

- Sync it with the current mono implementation.
- Finish the Server SSL/TLS implementation.
- Implement the Async reads/writes ( i have an idea for this but haven't 
tested it yet on the SSL implementation )
- Tests, tests, tests and more tests ;)

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

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