[Mono-dev] Workflow engine for Mono?

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 10:45:23 EDT 2006

AFAIK, currently there is no effort to port WWF, or integrate any
workflow/bpm technology directly in Mono. But googling a bit, I can
offer some alternatives.

1) You can try to run NetBpm in Mono (http://www.netbpm.org./)
licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. Just get rid of the
packed Cassini web server (its license is more limiting than the
NetBpm overall license) and use mono's xsp, instead.
2) You can run the Java OpenWFE server, with the openWFE.net access
library to their REST api.
(http://web.openwfe.org/display/openwfe/Home) licensed with a BSD
3) You can embed a java engine, compiled to CLI bytecode with ikvmc
(attaches the ikvm runtime and library [a huge gnu classpath]). Bossa
(http://www.bigbross.com/bossa/) is a dual licensed GPL/Comercial
embeddable engine, but sure the license is more limiting.

Also someone could port OpenWFE to C#/Boo/Nemerle or any other
language supported by Mono, or really start an implementation of WWF,
but these are longer term solutions.


On 8/7/06, Costantino Pipero <cos at beeond.net> wrote:
> I've been working with the Windows Workflow Foundation since November. I
> have been looking at some open source alternative, the closest I found
> was openflow (www.openflow.it) based on the Zope initiative (a phyton
> based app server).
> I was really interested in a more .NET, XAML based BPEL engine like
> WinFX (although I agree it would be unwise to try to port the microsoft
> framework).
> It's been a while since you posted you request, did you get any feedback?
> Costantino Pipero
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