[Mono-dev] local file based EventLog implementation

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Wed Aug 9 04:31:41 EDT 2006


Kornél Pál wrote:
>>> And there is another important thing: Messages have to come from a 
>>> DLL file.
>> I never tried it, but isn't it achieved when we use Windows Event
>> Logging API?
> This is how it is achieved in MS.NET:
>>> MS.NET has a file called EventLogMessages.dll that contains a message 
>>> table resource with messages "%1" that is registered with the event 
>>> source and the entire message will be stored as an argument for this 
>>> "%1" message.

Yeah I read it, but I think there is no answer to my question there.
What I meant is that I think those Windows event log API would already
take those messages into their returning strings, so I don't think our
code does not have to load that EventLogMessages.dll and rip messages
from it.

Or if you mean, the equivalent event system on other OSes must
also provide message table like that dll, I don't agree.
(There should be many other way to achieve the same results.)

>> To my understanding, we were talking about Windows unmanaged API
>> to implement EventLogImpl (or whatever we are going to have)
>> that works only under Windows. We are not going to mimick the
>> entire event system for non-Windows land.
>> If anyone tries to implement it, that would be fine though.
> I was speaking only about Windows because you were discussing 
> possibilities on Windows as well. So these informations may help 
> implementing event logging on Windows.
> And of course knowing how Windows does event logging helps to mimic the 
> same on other OSes.


Atsushi Eno

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