[Mono-dev] local file based EventLog implementation

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There is an event logging API on Windows and in fact it's better to use it 
than writing events directly to the registry:


Note that there is another topic in this documentation tree called Windows 
Event Log that requires Windows Vista and should not be confused with Event 
Logging that we should use.


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> Hi Gert,
> Thanks for the comments.
> Gert Driesen wrote:
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>>> Hi,
>>> During a consultation with a local customer I recently noticed that we
>>> don't have EventLog implementation, while a basic framework has existed
>>> for years, which was intended to have some different implementations.
>>> Hence I implemented pretty simple stupid one, which works only for
>>> local machine.
>>> I modified some of existing framework as it does not seem to support
>>> multiple implementation in reality.
>>> To use this code, set MONO_LOCAL_EVENTLOG_DIR =
>>> /path/to/yourfavoritedir to point the location for aggregated event
>>> logs.
>>> The usage sample I have is like:
>>> EventLog log = new EventLog ("enolog", ".", "logg");
>>> Console.WriteLine (log.Log);
>>> foreach (EventLogEntry e in log.Entries)
>>> Console.WriteLine (e.Message);
>>> log.WriteEntry ("My test message.");
>>> It is really a hack. Any improvements or suggestions would be
>>> appreciated. If no one is taking care of EventLog stuff, I'll checkin
>>> the code by myself.
>> I'm not sure if it's really necessary to have a separate EventLogFactory
>> abstraction, we could use a similar approach to the one used for the
>> Registry API;  meaning, define an interface and implementations of that
>> interface and have EventLog pick the implementation for doing all the 
>> work
>> (except for basic argument checks and stuff). Ofcourse, feel free to 
>> ignore
>> my remarks as I'm glad we now have at least an implementation thanks to 
>> you
>> ;-)
> I'm just curious, what's the benefit of your interface proposal over
> factory methods? My guess is that we would end up to summarize common
> code base into an abstract class, which will look like existing
> EventLogImpl.
>> We might also use the Registry API for registering/deleting/querying 
>> event
>> sources (on both linux and windows) to match the Win32 event log, which
>> AFAIK uses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog 
>> to
>> store that info.
> Yeah, I didn't spend time to learn about the Win API / Registry, but
> if someone spare time to implement registry based sources it'd be cool.
>> That way we would only need to implement reading/writing event log 
>> entries
>> itself in a platform specific way, and we could use your implementation 
>> for
>> linux (and perhaps for the time being also for windows).
> Or, on windows we could just use windows event log API (if exists).
> Atsushi Eno
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