[Mono-dev] quick question about SOAP extension configuration

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Aug 5 06:08:05 EDT 2006

L.G. Meredith wrote:
> All,
> i know this question has been asked a million times, but i can't find an
> answer that works with my setup. Before i try it on mono, i would to make
> sure that the SOAP extension i've implemented works on straight up .net.
> Everything compiles, there are no complaints about the config file. i can
> invoke web methods and they call the code i in the main body, but no SOAP
> extension code is executed.
> The SOAP extension code i've got is a simple variation on the trace
> extension example from the .net libraries. This compiles in with the 
> rest of
> my webservice. i add the following configuration info to web.config.
>       <webServices>
>          <soapExtensionTypes>
>            <add type="AVSOAPIntercept.AVTraceExtension,
>                     App_Code"
>             priority="1" group="Low" />
>            <add type="AVSOAPIntercept.AVTrampoline,
>                     App_Code"
>             priority="1" group="Low" />
>          </soapExtensionTypes>
>        </webServices>
> i have tried marking the method with
> [WebMethod(EnableSession=true)]
> [AVTrampoline]
> <method signature>
> and
> [WebMethod(EnableSession=true)]
> [AVSOAPIntercept.AVTrampoline]
> <method signature>
> i have also confirmed that if i don't put in the qualified name,
> AVSOAPIntercept.AVTrampoline, in the web.config extension, i get a 
> complaint
> about the configuration.
> But, neither of these ever causes exeuction in the implementation of
> ProcessMessage for AVTrampoline. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SoapExtensions definitely work in Mono, at least with the 1.1 profile.
Two samples are even part of the XSP's test site:


Note how these extensions are programmed: they rely on an attribute
which has to be attached to the web service class.

The extensions are not invoked when the web service methods
are called interactively from the Web Service Description Test Page.
This might be a bug.


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