[Mono-dev] [Mono-list] Two questions about .net/mono internals

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Aug 4 03:27:06 EDT 2006


L.G. Meredith wrote:
> Another quick follow up. Suppose that my incoming request were not SOAP --
> e.g. it was coming from the proprietary format stream, then implementing a
> SOAP extension will not do what i want. i know that there must be a way to
> get the current call, but the APIs seem a bit disjointed. i have looked at
> MethodInfo.GetCurrentMethod <--> returns a MethodInfo -- no information
> about the call
> i have looked at StackTrace and StackFrame, but cannot see a way to get the
> call information off of these classes easily.
> With a ContextBoundObject i can get hold of an instance implementing
> IMethodCallMessage <--> does have the call information
> But, in the latter case, ContextBoundObject must be in the inheritance
> chain. Unfortunately, in this case, c# does not allow multiple inheritance;
> so, an object cannot both be a Service (e.g. WebService) and a
> ContextBoundObject. In fact WebService and ContextBoundObject are at odds
> about marshaling policy. In short, the ContextBoundObject approach is not
> compositional -- it doesn't compose with other functionality.

A Web Service doesn't need to inherit from the WebService class.
The HTTP context information (a reason why the WebService class
exists) can be obtained from HttpContent.Current as well.


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