[Mono-dev] Building Mono on Linux/Alpha

Sergey Tikhonov tsv at solvo.ru
Wed Aug 2 11:03:15 EDT 2006

Zoltan Varga wrote:

> Hi,
>  The patch is now in SVN.

Thank you. There were other patches to common files that haven't got to 
SVN yet (mono-linux-alpha2.patch).

I have a question:
Alpha arch doesn't have unassigned compare for floats, but IR seems to 
require it. What would be the best place to
implement taking abs values for arguments to compare and do comparition?
I was thinking of using inssel-alpha.brg file to add instruction like 
"stmt: OP_COND_BRANCH (OP_COMPARE(freg, freg)) { ... }"
(I found usage like this in inssel-arm.brg) to implement abs of fregs 
and do compare, but I read documentation that this would limit
optimization and register allocation logic.
Another thing - Alpha doesn't have special flag register to hold 
comparition result and uses some of common registers. Right now I am using
one predefined register, but this limit its usage for other ops. I would 
like to use local register allocation to allocate register to hold 
compare results and use it in conditional branch instruction.

Thank you,

Sergey Tikhonov

Solvo Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tsv at solvo.ru

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