[Mono-dev] Test failures during 'make check' on MacBook Pro

Blake Ramsdell blake182 at mac.com
Sat Apr 29 07:21:21 EDT 2006

I note that building the April 14 mono-1.1.15.tar.gz on a MacBook  
Pro, the following tests indicate a failure during 'make check':

Testing pinvoke2.exe... failed 768 (3) signal (0).
Testing pinvoke3.exe... failed 256 (1) signal (0).
Testing pinvoke11.exe... failed 768 (3) signal (0).
194 test(s) passed. 3 test(s) did not pass.

Failed tests:


Any suggestions? I'm happy to run any follow-up tests or provide  
other information as required.

Blake Ramsdell | http://www.blakeramsdell.com

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