[Mono-dev] runtime handles missing assemblies/classes etc. ungracefully

Joachim Ante joe at otee.dk
Wed Apr 26 17:45:18 EDT 2006


>Currently, the runtime handles missing assemblies/classes/.. rather
>ungracefully by crashing/asserting etc.

I've been trying to fix this bug, but failed badly. I got it to not crash
inside of mono_runtime_invoke anymore (for my test case anyway), but then it
crashed when trying to extract the information from the exception. I have no
clue what is going on now and don't know how to debug the managed code when
it doesn't give me a stacktrace.

This is a really big issue for us. We are running mono in a web browser and
taking the whole browser down because a dll could not be found is just not a
very good idea.

Can someone who actually knows mono fix this?

Best regards,
Joachim Ante

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