[Mono-dev] System.Web.UI.Page patch

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Tue Apr 25 05:16:10 EDT 2006

> I'd like to see the test used for this as well.

Did you see the standalone test that I sent yesterday? For convenience,
I attach it to this message, too. It covers the following patches:


> At first blush the theme change looks ok, but I really don't 
> like the idea of adding the ApplyTheme behavior to OnInit.  
> Unless, of course, this is what actually happens in MS's 
> implementation.

It's not OnInit, it's in CreateChildControls flow. To figure that out in
MS implementation I made this:

	public class MyLogin:Login
		protected override void OnInit (EventArgs e)
			Trace.WriteLine ("before Login.OnInit");
			base.OnInit (e);
			Trace.WriteLine ("after Login.OnInit");
		protected override void AddedControl
(System.Web.UI.Control control, int index)
			Trace.WriteLine ("before Login.AddedControl");
			base.AddedControl (control, index);
			Trace.WriteLine ("after Login.AddedControl");

		protected override void  CreateChildControls()
			Trace.WriteLine ("before
			base.CreateChildControls ();
			Trace.WriteLine ("after

	public class MyImageButton:ImageButton
		protected override void OnInit (EventArgs e)
			Trace.WriteLine ("ImageButton.OnInit");
			base.OnInit (e);
		public override void ApplyStyleSheetSkin
(System.Web.UI.Page page)
			base.ApplyStyleSheetSkin (page);

		public override string ImageUrl
				return base.ImageUrl;
				Trace.WriteLine ("Set
				base.ImageUrl = value;
and changed in aspx <asp:login> and <asp:imagebutton> to <my:MyLogin>
and <my:MyImageButton>

the output looked like:

before Login.OnInit
after Login.OnInit
before Login.CreateChildControls
Set ImageButton.ImageURL		
before Login.AddedControl
after Login.AddedControl
after Login.CreateChildControls

> Also, the master page change doesn't seem necessary to me, in 
> the scope of the greater change. The controls will have 
> their OnInit methods's called properly when they're added to 
> the already Init'ed controls.

If you do ApplyMasterPage after InitRecursive, then elements defined on
master page do not get their themes. Just try the standalone test I
sent, the difference is clear.

If you have no further comments, I will commit 3 patches I listed at the
beginning of this message and the standalone test.

Thank you.
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