[Mono-dev] Novell C# LDAP libraries

Justin Dearing zippy1981 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 11:27:55 EDT 2006


I have submitted some patches to the Novell .net LDAP libraries that mono
sems to keep in sync. See my forum post.


I also emailed the developper directly who said he would lock at them and
get back to me. He suggested I post the patches on the project page. I
posted them to the forums but the patch/bug reporting links on the project
page say they are locked and I should post to bugzilla. I can't find the
bugzilla for the project.

If someone can point me to the appropiate forum for sending these patches
I'd appreciate it. Other than three lines of code that throw an
ArgumentNullException so it doesn't get thrown 3 functions down, its all
comment cleanups and mostly so the exceptions thrown sections of the docs is
properly formatted by ndoc.

I have some other changes as well, but I'd like to know if I should be
posting patches somewhere on the mono site as well, or in some part of the
Novell site that I am too dumb to find.

Justin Dearing
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