[Mono-dev] Build MONO under VS2005

Viet Hung Ta Viet.H.Ta-1 at student.uts.edu.au
Thu Apr 20 08:26:24 EDT 2006

Dear sir, 
I tried  many times to compile MONO by using Visual Studio 2005. I did follow all steps of the instruction " compiling Mono VSNET" available at: http://www.mono-project.com/Compiling_Mono_VSNET. However, it was not sucessful. 
The problem is indicated as genmdesc.vcproj, libmono,test -invoke.vcproj... are not installed. I did copy the VSDependencies.zip and copy it under /mono/directory ... but it did not work to me.Additionally, I did install working cypwin as well and did all the steps to build mono.Additionally,  VS2005 compiler indicated " solution folders are not supported in this version of Visual Studio" ?????
Can you please help me step by step how to build MONO in Visual Studio 2005?
I'm looking forward to hearing you.
Kind regards,

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