[Mono-dev] Mono Continuations and MicroThreads

Denis ERCHOFF d_erchoff at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 21 03:12:35 EDT 2006

Hi Tomi,

Nice work.

As i remember, previous version of your scheduler class has a "strong 
reference" to the socket manager class.

What about an application does not using sockets ?
What about another socket implementation ( my case ) ?

This is not a crucial fix, but i think it is better to keep out the 
Socket management. A programmer will use a microthread to update his 
socket ;).

Tomi Valkeinen a écrit :
> Hi,
> I made some more optimizations and I finally beat stackless python in 
> the yield test. Almost 3.5M yields/s if ran with inline-optimizations, 
> when the old result was 1.6M. http://bat.org/~tomba/monoco.html has 
> updated source and benchmarks.
> What comes to getting continuations to official mono, I think the 
> implementation is quite far from being ready for that. There are 
> million things to do before the implementation is usable for everyone, 
> and most importantly, the continuations will need a lot of testing 
> before I trust that they actually work...
> But I do hope that some people will try them out, perhaps even 
> improving something. Test programs would be especially nice, and 
> benchmarks both in C# and stackless python.
>  Tomi
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