[Mono-dev] Mono Continuations and MicroThreads

Tomi Valkeinen tomba at bat.org
Thu Apr 20 14:08:55 EDT 2006


I made some more optimizations and I finally beat stackless python in the 
yield test. Almost 3.5M yields/s if ran with inline-optimizations, when 
the old result was 1.6M. http://bat.org/~tomba/monoco.html has updated 
source and benchmarks.

What comes to getting continuations to official mono, I think the 
implementation is quite far from being ready for that. There are million 
things to do before the implementation is usable for everyone, and most 
importantly, the continuations will need a lot of testing before I trust 
that they actually work...

But I do hope that some people will try them out, perhaps even improving 
something. Test programs would be especially nice, and benchmarks both in 
C# and stackless python.


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