[Mono-dev] Re: mono frustration

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 07:39:49 EDT 2006


> > I will wait a few more months I suppose till fedora core 5 binaries are
> > released or the yum dependencies are fixed ...
> Maintaining package dependencies and stability of the bleeding-edge 
> versions of programs is a very hard work for the distributions' 
> employees and/or contributors. It's normal to have problems like these 
> ones when using the latest versions of packages, because unstability 
> increases.

Well, that's not quite true. What usually happens is that when a rebuild
is requested, not all of the other packages which depend on the rebuilt
one are rebuilt. The reasons can be many fold. Normal users (those using
core) don't see this very often, but it's something those using the
developer branch (rawhide) have to put up with a lot. But hey, it's part
of the fun!

> And when I have problems, I try to report them as detailed as possible, 
> and to the correct sources (probably these concrete reports are also 
> welcome on Fedora mailing-lists, for example, although I don't know if 
> you have already sent them there). But I understand that this could be 
> very annoying/frustrating.

I've not seen any reports (except for mine) on any of the FC mailing
lists (extras/test/developers/core).


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