[Mono-dev] Re: What would you like to see in Mono?

Sharique safknw at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 07:30:42 EDT 2006

On Sunday 16 April 2006 05:24, Pablo Iñigo Blasco wrote:
> Greetings folks,
> A developer group looking for a platform to deploy theirs applications
> wants: - Secure platform stable platform and dinamic(i think mono it is
> enough, but it has to be proven, we can't do anything only the time
> can)
> - Modern abstract POO language (Mono supports the most successful
> languages) - Tons of Documentation, clear and proffesional (MS has got it,
> indirectly Mono has got it)
> - Compatible extendible platforms and Cooperable(Web Services) with
> others platforms.
> - IMHO The best IDE(perhaps it makes the difference between the
> current leaders platforms) Nowadays is the most attractive feature for
> developing an application.
Something like eclipse for mono with web and winform designer.
> · IDE (BrainStorm)
> - quick and effective Intelli-Sense with quick documentation that
> doesn't leave the screen.
> - Debugger fully integrated with the IDE, better debugger tools,for
> example in VS you can see values of basics types and explore the state
> of an object putting the mouse over the reference in the code.(that's
> incredibly useful)
> - Be able to develop asp.net with automatic cooperation with either
> XSP or ModMono, and a second step would be develop them with visual
> tools.
Integrate apache(mod_mono) or xsp so that we can preview web page by just  
selecting preview in web browser. (same as VS 2005)
> - WebService use and deployment facilities.
> - Tools or plugins for integration of Nunit, Ajax, ifolder,
> monoUML...and Samples how to develop theese plugins.
A class  designer as in VS 2005.
> if mono now supports winforms why dont try use sharpdevelop on linux
> (i know that monodevelop is the linux the port of sharpdevelop but
> they are not the same) Why do the things twice.
> · Documentation(BrainStorm)
> Concentrate the effort in better documentation about those things
> exclusive in mono such as:
> - Runtime source code
> - Mono APIS
> - Embedding mono,mkbundle adventages
Single click setup/ installer builder.
> - Samples developing plugins for the IDE
Plugable as eclipse.
> This is my humble point of view. Bye.
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