[Mono-dev] Re: 1.1.14 and UnixRegistryApi

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Apr 15 16:33:20 EDT 2006

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Cory Foy wrote:
>> I just downloaded the latest 1.14 and am still getting the 
>> UnixRegistryApi error I had posted about before:
>> [exec] 8) NUnit.Util.Tests.NUnitRegistryTests.TestClearRoutines : 
>> System.InvalidCastException : Cannot cast from source type to 
>> destination type.
>> [exec] in <0x0008a> Microsoft.Win32.UnixRegistryApi:DeleteValue 
>> (Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey rkey, System.String value, Boolean 
>> throw_if_missing)
>> [exec] in <0x00035> Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey:DeleteValue 
>> (System.String value, Boolean shouldThrowWhenKeyMissing)
>> [exec] in <0x0000f> Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey:DeleteValue 
>> (System.String value)
>> [exec] in (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) 
>> Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey:DeleteValue (string)
>> Did the patch not make it into the build? This is the main thing 
>> keeping NUnit at being from 100% tests run on Mono/Linux.
> It did.
> Since there is no cast in UnixRegistryApi:DeleteValue any more,
> I suppose you didn't update correctly or the stack trace above
> is wrong. Please reopen http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=77772
> and attach a test case.

You were right! It did only on the stable branch. It's now in
SVN head too.


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