[Mono-dev] mod_mono webservice issue

Mike Glenn mglenn at zoominternet.net
Thu Apr 13 21:41:29 EDT 2006

 > By default there's a 90 seconds timeout for processing 
> ASP.NET requests.
> Your page is exceeding that time (either the web service is 
> too slow or
> the page is) and is getting aborted.

Thanks for the response Gonzalo,

I understand what your saying, but the weird part is that the stub code doesn't
even try to talk on the network to the web service (Verified with tcpdump). Note
the web service does not run on mod_mono, its python based. If I stop the
mod_mono server, delete the wapi and aspnet working directory in tmp and restart
the web service starts working again. If I stop and restart mod_mono without
deleting the tmp directories the timeout occurs, which makes sence since it
doesn't even make a network connection. 

So what I'm after is if anyone can tell me what, if any, connection the wapi or
apache-temp-aspnet directory have with the web service stack?

As a complete side issue, does anyone have any recommendations for alternatives
to Web services for integrating python code and .net with an RPC like system?
We're about to add a bunch of new features between these two systems and have
already run into some issues with getting the soap protocol working with more
complex data types than just returning plain string and such.

Thanks again

Mike Glenn

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