[Mono-dev] FAMWatcher race condition patch

Michael Schurter michael at synthesyssolutions.com
Tue Apr 11 09:58:38 EDT 2006

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 16:37 +1200, Thong Nguyen wrote:
>> The FAM based FileSystemWatcher has problems monitoring directories
>> recursively because FAM doesn't support this natively.
>> FMAWatcher gets around this by telling FAM to monitor a subdirectory every
>> time a sub directory is created.  This will work but there is a race
>> condition that occurs when a sub directory is created and populated with
>> files before FAM is told to monitor the new sub directory.  This results in
>> files being created without the FSW raising the appropriate events.
>> For example:
>> If I'm monitoring the current dir and I do this:
>> mkdir a; touch a/pok
> [...]
> Your patch is now in svn.
> Thanks a lot.

I just wanted to say thanks as well.  I've used MS .Net's 
FileSystemWatcher in Windows with very disappointing results: Created 
events being fired twice, long running watchers magically dying, etc. 
Its exciting to see places where Mono is surpassing .Net's functionality 
and stability.

Michael Schurter

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