[Mono-dev] VB ASP.NET on a Fedora Core 3

Mauro Bertoli bertolima at yahoo.it
Mon Apr 10 22:16:55 EDT 2006

Hi, I'm not sure that this is the correct list.
I'm trying to run a VB ASP.NET developed with VS2003
on a Fedora Core 3 x86-64 using 
XSP: xsp-1.0.9-0.novell
MONO: 1.1.8

I've copied all (RELEASE - NO incremental build) files
but I get an error, so I searched and dropped
CodeBehind incompatibility:

but now I get this error:

Description: Error parsing a resource required to
service this request. Review your source file and
modify it to fix this error. 
Error message: Cannot find type xxx.C_footer 

File name: /var/www/html/yyy/xxx/_Footer.ascx    Line:

Source Error: <%@ Control Language="vb"
AutoEventWireup="false"  Inherits="xxx.C_footer" %>

What I'm wrong?

Must recompile Mono with a newer version 1.1.14?
I tried but I've some problems recompiling
some warning about missing image libraries (tiff and

configure: error: "Failed to compile with X11/Xlib.h
include.  You must fix your compiler paths"

Mono-1.1.14 is compiled fine (after installing



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