[Mono-dev] Re: NET 2.0 in embedded mono 1.1.13

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Fri Apr 7 11:22:16 EDT 2006

Hi Robert,

>> i'm sure that's a dumb question, but i'm clueless about its 
>> solution....
>> In my classes i'm using the NET 2.0 class 
>> System.Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod, which i compiled with Microsoft 
>> Visual C# 2005.
>> When i want to load those assemblies into my embedded mono engine i 
>> get the error pasted below.
>> Is that a mono bug or do i have to enable NET 2.0 features somehow?
> It's a feature. IIRC, you first need to execute the entry point
> of a 2.0 assembly. This will activate the 2.0 profile.

hmmmm, any examples for that? What _is_ this special entry point?


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