[Mono-dev] can't build the c# compilater

Denis ERCHOFF d_erchoff at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 6 11:25:07 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I am using the mono source mono-1.1.14.
I am working with /mcs /and not with /gmcs/.

I generated the cs-parser.cs file using jay. But when i want to build 
the c# compilater, my ide raise an error :
                " error CS0117: 'Mono.CSharp.TypeContainer' does not 
contain a definition for 'Parts' "/

Looking at the file cs-parser.jay, we can see this :

               / if (current_class.Parts != null)
                    constructor_parent = (TypeContainer) 
current_class.Parts [0];

/I looked at the TypeContainer class definition and i saw that a private 
field is declared :
                public TypeContainer PartialContainer;
               ArrayList partial_parts;

/Bu there is no public field/property "/Parts/".

In local i have added the public property "/Parts/", accessing the 
private field "/partial_parts/".
But i am not sure this is the right way.

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