[Mono-dev] Re: Thread Abort() sometimes fails in mono

Felipe Almeida Lessa felipe.lessa at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 14:00:42 EDT 2006

Em Ter, 2006-04-04 às 19:23 +0200, Robert Jordan escreveu:
> Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:
> > Em Ter, 2006-04-04 às 08:26 -0600, Wade Maxfield escreveu:
> >> Hi,
> > 
> > Hi! Correct me if I'm wrong but...
> > 
> >> /*doesn't always work ---->*/    Global.WebThread.Abort();
> > 
> > You shouldn't be using Thread.Abort, right? AFAIK, this is a bad way of
> > killing threads.
> Thread.Abort() is harmless and more like an exception than a killer.

Or not. A quick Google search[1] yields as the second result
http://www.interact-sw.co.uk/iangblog/2004/11/12/cancellation (and the
first result cited this one).

Yes, as the article states, it *may* work very well. But it also may
not. I don't like to let the mood of the computer change the behavior of
my programs, so I take a conservative approach.

[1] http://www.google.com.br/search?num=100&q=thread.abort()%20%22.net%



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