[Mono-dev] Mono profiler agent for jitted code

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Apr 4 06:51:49 EDT 2006

On 04/03/06 Willibald Krenn wrote:
> So this kind of functionality is still on your whishlist? As I was working
> on exactly that kind of stuff, response/interest seemed *very* little. 

We have always been interested in this feature. We'll have it
eventually, but the implementations details are important: what is fine
for a research/thesis project may not be right for a production VM.
In particular I think the mono implementation must have a very low
overhead (especially in terms of memory and system resources used):
the best effects will be achieved if the optimization is turned on by

> However, the initial experiments I conducted tend to support recompilation
> at least for SciMark: From 178,29 +/- 0,12 [normal mode] to 204,00 +/- 1,57
> with recompilation enabled. (204,86 +/- 0,18 was maximum when always
> applying all optimizations upfront.)

Yep, thanks to your work we know it's worthwhile to implement it.


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