[Mono-dev] Mono is crossplatform ?

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Apr 4 06:33:09 EDT 2006

On 04/03/06 Flavio Medeiros wrote:
>   I follow the Mono project since pre 1.0 and the question is only about a
> WinForms desktop app that runs fine on both Windows and Linux.
>   The focus in this moment is not the cost or risk, but the functionality.
> In our tests a simple app with a main menu, a toolbar and a richtext box
> chashes on both stable and development versions of mono under linux (Suse
> 10).

The way to have your app work in mono is to file a bug report in
bugzilla. Include the source code of your test app so that the SWF
developers can use it and make it work.


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