[Mono-dev] CultureInfo not supported

Ivano Luberti luberti at archicoop.it
Tue Apr 4 02:43:54 EDT 2006

Rafael, Thanks for the starting point.

At 22.06 03/04/2006, Rafael Teixeira wrote:

>Hi, no need to change Mono sources, see inline
>On 4/3/06, Ivano Luberti <luberti at archicoop.it> wrote:
> >  At 23.36 02/04/2006, Atsushi Eno wrote:
> > If you cannot control serialization on the other side, you can't
> >  do anything but modifying the input XML to strip the culture info.
> >  Please, can you explain me better ?
> >  Do you mean I have to modify mono sources ?
> >  I really don't konow how I can modify the serialization behaviour.
>Basically you need to code a SOAP extension, that plugs in the Web
>Services .NET pipeline (you can say where, if before or after
>serialization/deserialization), and can alter the received XML BEFORE
>being wrongly deserialized.
>Google "soap extensions in .net" for other links on the subject.
>Rafael "Monoman" Teixeira
>As I'm currently working a lot with Java and even fixing Java VMs
>(JamVM/Kaffe) and GNU Classpath code, I think I may partly borrow the
>title (Javaman) from my friend Bruno Souza and become the
>MonoNJavaMan. Yeah, I may currently be crazier than usual...
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