[Mono-dev] Mono is crossplatform ?

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Mon Apr 3 15:35:47 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 14:18 -0300, Flavio Medeiros wrote:
>    Hi, we are starting a (large) project that needs to be cross
> platform (windows/linux) and we are discussing about the .NET (MS
> framework and Mono) and the Java technology.
> Anyone can point me to any interesting information about projects
> developed under windows using VS.NET (language C#) ? I know that the
> ASP.NET support of Mono is great, but we know none about Winforms
> support. Is there any project that uses WinForms developed using
> VS.NET that runs in Windows and Linux without problems ?
>     Is it possible or only using GTK# ?

I believe it is possible, as long as you completely avoid pinvoke and
use only managed libraries.

GTK# apps should run on both Windows and Linux, provided the GTK# (and
dependent native DLLs) assemblies are installed on the target machine.  

>     Mono is realy crossplatform today on desktop apps ?

In theory.  Winforms, alas, is often used in such a way so as to be
Windows only, due to certain pinvokes to win32 dlls and such.  I don't
believe winforms is quite feature complete yet under mono.

>     I like the C# solution but ...

I presume you've done an extensive cost-benefit analysis concerning the
risks of using a beta software developing platform.  As good as Mono is,
it and .NET in general are very very young and immature.  I've heard
very bad things about Visual Studio 2005, which is MS's first major
product, I think, to ship entirely as a .NET app.

I personally think that large-scale apps should be possible under mono,
and be portable, but certainly such an undertaking is not without risk.


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