[Mono-dev] patch for Soap Serialization Competability

Roei Erez roeie at mainsoft.com
Mon Apr 3 03:51:59 EDT 2006

Ok, I will 

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Ok, but please add a test case for this in the unit tests.

El dom, 02-04-2006 a las 00:34 -0800, Roei Erez escribió:
> I have attached a patch for bug 77563.
> Here is a short description:
> SoapFormatter group some objects as 'InternalSoapTypes', and deals 
> differently with their serialization process.
> Some of these types are Decimal, String, TimeSpan, DateTime and more 
> ...
> Looking at MS.NET output I can see that except for String and TimeSpan 
> all other InernalSoapTypes are serialized differently when they are 
> the root objects to be serialized than in the case where they are data 
> members of other objects that are being serialized.
> Mono also handle these objects ok on the serialization process, but 
> not on deserialization.
> As a test case you can serialize a Decimal or a DateTime in MS.NET 
> platform and try to deserialize them in Mono platform.
> This will not work.
> If no one rejects for this patch a will commit it.
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