[Mono-dev] patch for Soap Serialization Competability

Roei Erez roeie at mainsoft.com
Sun Apr 2 04:34:03 EDT 2006

I have attached a patch for bug 77563.
Here is a short description:
SoapFormatter group some objects as 'InternalSoapTypes', and deals
differently with their serialization process.
Some of these types are Decimal, String, TimeSpan, DateTime and more ...
Looking at MS.NET output I can see that except for String and TimeSpan
all other InernalSoapTypes are serialized differently when they are the
root objects to be serialized than in the case where they are data
members of other objects that are being serialized.
Mono also handle these objects ok on the serialization process, but not
on deserialization.
As a test case you can serialize a Decimal or a DateTime in MS.NET
platform and try to deserialize them in Mono platform. 
This will not work.
If no one rejects for this patch a will commit it.
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