[Mono-dev] Newbie Building mono - bootstrapping

Krishna Ganugapati krishnag at marakicorp.com
Thu Sep 29 12:56:01 EDT 2005


I'm working on building a native distribution of Linux on x86 - starting 
from nothing. The standard way to do this is  building a toolchain on the 
host, creating a separate partition for the new distribution and then 
chrooting into that distribution and building all the pieces.

So far so good, I have a native x86 distribution of Linux running fine. I 
now want to have mono available in my new system.

I'm still in my chroot and I bring down the mono distro, I have already 
compiled pkgconfig and glib20  - but when I attempt to build mono - after a 
point it fails because it does not have mono and mcs.exe to build the CIL 
libraries again.

When I refer to the help, it asks me to bring down monolite-<some-version> 
because it should give me the bootstrap tools. I bring down monolite and 
copy the images in the right place, but still no good.

monolite provides me with an mcs.exe (a CIL image) and the appropriate dlls. 
However there does not seem to be a "mono" image which would actually invoke 
the mcs.exe which then presumably would recompile and build all the images 
and the compiler...

monocharge seemed to be the same  - a lot more CIL binaries copied to 
/usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib - but no mono (x86 native) to run the CIL 

So how do I bootstrap my clean Linux installation with mono?

Thanks for any help.


PS - i could pull down x86 rpms and do this, but I'd need to build rpm in my 
new system  and presumably populate my rpm database before doing that. Also 
I want to ensure that I have complete control on the system I'm building.. 

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