[Mono-dev] What about the Windows setup of Mono?

Wade Berrier wberrier at novell.com
Wed Sep 28 17:47:09 EDT 2005

Hi Kornél,

I'm working on the windows installer and it should be finished shortly. 
I'm shooting for today but it may be tomorrow.

The good news is that after I'm done automating it the installers will
be released in parallel with the mono releases.

Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

I believe (Paco, correct me if I'm wrong) the reason Paco used batch
files instead of setting up environment variables was so that multiple
mono versions could be installed in parallel.

I will look into packaging libgdiplus with the installer.  I think
that's a great idea.


On Wed, 2005-09-28 at 20:08 +0200, Kornél Pál wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone working on it? When will it be released?
> Some suggestions:
> I don't like to have bat files in bin directory while having executables in
> lib directory. I think environment variables should be set in Windows
> instead of using batch files. And I would like to have an option to add
> mono\bin directory to PATH.
> Some others from the archive:
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-devel-list/2005-September/014803.html
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-devel-list/2005-September/014817.html
> Kornél
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