[Mono-dev] Cookies can not be saved

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 25 09:03:07 EDT 2005

> IMHO, this behaviour is the same on MS.NET. Whenever
> I update my bin 
> directory I always have to relogin...

I have not observed this on my development or
production machines with ASP.NET. I can update the bin
and anything else without having to login again. The
only time I've ever had to re-login is on a web
cluster when it fails over to the inactive node and
the reason that happens is because I haven't taken the
time to create a common encryption key to use on both
machines. This article discusses the issue for

It sounds like by default windows persists the
autogenerated key in the registry which may be the
reason for a difference in behavior with mono.


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