[Mono-dev] [Patch] Extern assembly alias

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Fri Sep 23 09:04:07 EDT 2005


Carlos Alberto Cortez <calberto.cortez at gmail.com> writes:

> The attached patch implements extern assembly alias support for mcs.
> I've also added tests and errors for it, and all the tests are running
> fine. Could anybody of the mcs guys take a look at it?

I'm not particularly thrilled by the approach.

I'd prefer introducing classes RootNamespace (deriving from Namespace)
and GlobalRootNamespace that introduce root namespaces.  We just create
an Using alias that points to a RootNamespace, and the current
QualifiedAliasEntry code should handle it.

Each Namespace would then contain a pointer to its Root (currently a
singleton, but will now be an instance pointer).  And we move
TypeManager.LookupTypeReflection to RootNamespace and
GlobalRootNamespace, and  things should be hunky-dory.

- Hari

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