[Mono-dev] Right MCS in Path, Configure Gets Wrong MCS

Stephen Quattlebaum stephen at covidimus.net
Wed Sep 21 21:18:43 EDT 2005

I asked this question on the list a few weeks ago but no response.  Maybe a
different set of eyes happen across it this time.


I'm trying to build gtk-sharp from SVN.  I have a stable mono installation
in /usr, but I also have a bleeding-edge installation at
/home/stephen/bin/mono-svn.  I want to use the mcs found there
(/home/stephen/bin/mono-svn/bin/mcs) b/c I plan to install gtk-sharp there,
and the 'stable' compiler in /usr is much older.

I have my PATH set up for my user account so that the newer mono is the one
that should be seen.  I.e.,

`which mcs` returns the expected /home/stephen/bin/mono-svn/bin/mcs.

When I run ./bootstrap-2.4 --prefix=/home/stephen/bin/mono-svn/, however, I
get the following summary after configure runs:

Configuration summary

   * Installation prefix = /home/stephen/bin/mono-svn/
   * C# compiler: /usr/bin/mcs


Notice that it picked up the compiler in /usr/bin/mcs, even though that's
not the one in my PATH.  I checked ./configure --help, but don't see an
option to force the compiler to use a certain mcs (though I have been known
to suffer from temporary blindness.)  How can I force configure to use the
right mcs?

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