[Mono-dev] TimeZone/RegionInfo patches

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 21 07:49:34 EDT 2005


>>> 2) TZ environment variable support on Win32. If TZ environment
>>> variable is set, then it uses posix-compat timezone names
>>> (its behavior depends on mingw though).


> However, if people can still debug TimeZone related things easily
> without this mode, then it is OK for me.

Time zone can easly be changed in Control Panel without restart on all
versions of Windows.

Example screen shot:

> Well, then now I don't think we don't need any changes from the
> existing RegioinInfo code at all. Current code uses static field to
> store CurrentRegion, using the initial culture LCID which is
> retrieved via Windows API (and nothing to do with *Current*Culture) .
> If there is a proof of code that existing one is incorrect, then
> I'd fix it.

The current code may be good, but at least has no basic problems. You posted
a patch to the list in the recent past that mixed CurrentRegion with Thread
the same thing you were talking about in this thread. That's why I tried to
explain the expected behaviour of CurrentRegion.

>> 4) And I think parsing locale name in get_current_locale_id is not
>> required
>> at least on Windows as it returns current locale as an LCID that
>> currently
>> is converted to a name then it is coverted back to and LCID.
> Agreed. I added a tiny switch for PLATFORM_WIN32 in that function.

That's good.:)


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