[Mono-dev] [Gtk-sharp-list] GNOME 2.12 on Win32 and MonoDevelop

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Sun Sep 18 18:18:55 EDT 2005

I assume people have read tml's blog about GNOME 2.12 and gtk+ 2.8 on 
Win32.  The main reason he is doing this porting is to get Evolution 2 
working on Win32.
I would like to somehow or someone to create a GNOME# installer for 
win32 that includes all this goodness.  The main reason I want this is 
so we can finally begin porting MonoDevelop to Win32. 
Zac Bowling did a lot of porting of MonoDevelop to Win32, but it was not 
deployable.  I'm not sure how far he got.  However, there is a project 
at Novell Forge.
Even porting of just a small portion of MonoDevelop and get that 
working would be nice.
In the past, Paco did a great job in creating the Win32 installers for 
mono and gtk#.  How does one create his installers?  What is needed?
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