[Mono-dev] questions regarding contributing

Andy Waddell awaddell at fnfr.com
Wed Sep 14 13:30:36 EDT 2005

Hi all.  


I work at a start up here in Silicon Valley (http://www.fnfr.com
<http://www.fnfr.com/> ) and I'm tasked with getting a subset of our
application to run on Mono.  It's all being coded in C# using MS Visual
Studio 2005 Beta 2 and the development team is coding to the 2.0 .NET
and making full use of generics, etc.  I have an environment set up on
Linux with anonymous SVN access so that I can stay current.  So far,
I've managed to get most of the code I need to compile (using gmcs) and
my next task will be to get the unit tests up and running in some form
so that I can verify the runtime behavior.  


The first set of issues I ran into were pieces of the class library not
yet in the Mono base, but in the Beta 2 version of .NET 2.0.  In each
case I've either worked around it in our code by substituting from the
1.0 Framework or gone into my local copy of the Mono code and added what
we needed.  I don't have write access to SVN, so my changes are local
for now, but I'd be more that happy to contribute them (and our
management is supportive of this).  So far my additions have been
limited to a few trivial items.  For example,
System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlParameterCollection.AddWithValue is a new method
in 2.0 that was being used in several places in our code base.  I got
past this by adding:


[awaddell at AWLNX awaddell]$ cd

[awaddell at AWLNX System.Data.SqlClient]$ svn diff

Index: SqlParameterCollection.cs


--- SqlParameterCollection.cs   (revision 49758)

+++ SqlParameterCollection.cs   (working copy)

@@ -258,6 +258,11 @@

                        return Add (new SqlParameter (parameterName,
sqlDbType, size, sourceColumn));



+               public SqlParameter AddWithValue(string parameterName,
object value)

+               {

+                        return Add(new SqlParameter(parameterName,

+               }



 #if NET_2_0


[awaddell at AWLNX System.Data.SqlClient]$


I've done 4 or 5 other little ones like this, but I'm not sure what the
policy is regarding the .NET Framework version 2.0 stuff.  Given that
the code in Beta 2 is subject to change, is there a hesitancy to apply
all the stuff in Beta 2 to the Mono code base or is it just the case
that nobody has gotten around to it?  If it's the latter, maybe we can
help.  Should I request write access to SVN or since my changes are so
small, just post them to this (or some other) list?  Is there a
definitive place to check the status of what's done and what's not
(other than the source code)?  


I have some other questions, but this is getting to be a long post
already.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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