[Mono-dev] Mod_mono vhost bug, log file

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sat Sep 17 08:46:26 EDT 2005


For a few months I've been using the attached patch to mod_mono which 
does two things:

When there are mod_mono config directives in VirtualHost sections (at 
least in Apache2), the configurations end up stored in per-vhost data 
structures that can't see each other.  As a result, each 'default'-alias 
mod-mono-server (for each vhost) launches its own mod-mono-server, but 
on the same Unix socket.  So the first server launched, configured for 
just one vhost, is used for all of the vhosts.

To prevent these name clashes, I use the ServerName of a vhost as the 
default alias within a vhost.

The second change, which has debatable use, redirects the standard 
in/out of each forked mod-mono-server to a separate log file in /tmp so 
they can be viewed from the mod_mono control panel.  (Since the main 
error_log is root-owned and mod_mono is running at lower privs (e.g. the 
'apache' user), mod_mono didn't have access to read it.)  That makes it 
possible to do Console.Errror.WriteLine debugging without needing root 
access to see the output.  (I have yet to learn how to use the Tracing 
stuff of System.Web.)

What do people think of the second change?

Just as a reminder, you can turn on a mod_mono control panel with:
<Location /monoctrl/>
   SetHandler mono-ctrl
   (access restrictions here!)
And then view it at: http://yourdomain.com/monoctrl/

- Joshua Tauberer


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