[Mono-dev] test/html/button.aspx failes with xsp 1.1.9

Jens Peters jpeters7677 at gmx.de
Thu Sep 15 07:02:10 EDT 2005


I just installed mono/xsp 1.1.9. Its looking really cool so far, a lot 
of strange things with the old xsp are gone!! Gongratulations.

But I'm facing the same problem as described here:

The sample provided in the provided answer works:

but eg. the provided button.aspx in xsp-1.1.9/test/1.1/html doesn't:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
	*<script* runat="server"*>*
	*void* Button1_OnClick(object Source, EventArgs e) 
		HtmlButton button = (HtmlButton) Source;
		*if* (button.InnerText == "Enabled 1"){
			Span1.InnerHtml="You deactivated Button1";
			button.InnerText = "Disabled 1";
		*else* {
			Span1.InnerHtml="You activated Button1";
			button.InnerText = "Enabled 1";

	*<h3>*HtmlButton Sample*</h3>*
	*<form* id="ServerForm" runat="server"*>*     
		*<button* id=Button1 runat="server" OnServerClick="Button1_OnClick"*>*
		*<span* id=Span1 runat="server" */>*

Another sample:

*<asp:imagebutton* id="btnSubmit" runat="server" onClick="SubmitClicked" imageurl="Images/buttonSubmit.gif" alternatetext="Submit" */>*

SubmitClicked() comes from the codebehind page, but isn't emitted at all 
after clicking.

Any ideas?


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