[Mono-dev] XSP path configuration?

Jérémie Lumbroso jeremie at lumbroso.fr
Thu Sep 15 10:42:35 EDT 2005


It would seem the entire Mono framework has a problem handling paths that 
contain non-ASCII characters, for instance the acute accent on the 'e' of my 
first name, Jérémie (I've noticed that Firefox has this problem too). This 
is problem that is somewhat resolved when specifying the proper 
MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS to "default_locale", However this proves to not 
always be the case.

I've been trying to run XSP for some time, and I just now realized the 
problem. XSP unsuccessfully tries to create, and access DLLs in the
folder: C:\DOCUMENTS

The folder (and the temporary subdirectory) are created, but there seems to 
be an error accessing this.

The manifestation of this problem: XSP starts seemingly without problem, but 
as soon as you make a page request, it crashes without any error message.

To make sure the problem was indeed with the file, I created a temporary 
WinXP account, called Guest (thus without accents), and ran XSP from 
there—it ran without any problems at all, and I got the sample index page, 
with the links to all the showcases.

My question is: How can I reconfigure the path XSP uses for temp files? I 
would like XSP to store files in C:WINDOWS\TEMP, for instance.


Jérémie Lumbroso
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