[Mono-dev] Memory leaks

Thorsten Schuett schuett at zib.de
Thu Sep 15 09:55:07 EDT 2005


I "ported" a simulation from Visual C# beta 2 to mono this week. You can't 
really call it porting, because I only had to remove references to Stopwatch. 
But anyway, thanks to all of you for making it so easy.

It is a long running application, therefore I used an IA64 at work. Almost 
everything worked without any hiccups. But after about 12h the memory 
consumption was up to 4GB. In the beginning it needed only about 50MB. In my 
opinion, the memory consumption shouldn't raise over the time because my main 
loop looks as follows:

 Job job = new Job(parameters);

and there shouldn't survive any references in global/static variables. Is 
there any tool like the .net memory profiler 
(http://www.scitech.se/memprofiler/) for Linux? It would be nice to see how 
many instances of each class exist at a given time or navigating the graph 
created by the dependencies between the instances.

Thanks in advance,

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