[Mono-dev] PowerPC/Linux port of mono-1.1.9

Brian Strelioff BKStrelioff at Hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 15:39:49 EDT 2005

I am using the DENX/ELDK (an embedded PowerPC) distribution, circa linux
2.4.25, gcc 3.3.3. I have downloaded and built the latest perl and bison,
both of which passed all their internal tests.

Are there PowerPC/Linux mono binaries available for download?

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On 09/12/05 Brian Strelioff wrote:
> I am trying to get mono-1.1.9 running on a Linux/PowerPC system. I could
> find any existing binaries, so I am trying to bootstrap it from scratch.
> After some much appreciated hints from Paolo, I am running into the
> following issues:
> 1) A ./configure error: line 25 in libgc/configure.host (syntax error near
> unexpected token 'else')
> 2) A monoburg error: segmentation violation at line92 in yyparse
> to execute "g_strdup_printf("%d", $1)"
> Has anyone been able to build mono-1.1.9 from scratch (i.e. no
> mcs) on a Linux/PowerPC system?

Yes, and it works just fine.
What distribution are you using?
Both your issues look like problems with your installation or system.


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