[Mono-dev] embedded runtime questions

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Sep 14 14:18:27 EDT 2005

On 09/12/05 Allan Hsu wrote:
> >Upgrade to 1.1.9, this issue should be fixed (at least as long as you
> >call mono_thread_attach()).
> I've noticed that there is a matching function called  
> mono_thread_detach(). Do I need to call this before the thread exits?

No, there is no need.

> >My plan is to eventually do it with a different invoke interface,
> >though, because in my tests the biggest overhead with the current
> >interface is that we need to allocate an object if the method  
> >returns a
> >valuetype: I'd like to fix both performance issues at once.
> I'll give this a try. I'll report back here with my findings. Is  
> there a timeline for when you want to get this sort of functionality  
> into Mono?

By the time we ship Mono 1.2.


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