[Mono-dev] compiling debugger cant find termcap library on Suse 9.2

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 14:05:54 EDT 2005

Hi All,

./autogen.sh --pfrefix=/usr in debugger folder from

I get this

checking for termcap.h... no
checking termcap/termcap.h usability... yes
checking termcap/termcap.h presence... yes
checking for termcap/termcap.h... yes
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be
included... yes
checking for dirent.h that defines DIR... yes
checking for library containing opendir... none
checking for fcntl... yes
checking for getpagesize... yes
checking for setitimer... yes
checking for sysconf... yes
checking for fdopen... yes
checking for getuid... yes
checking for getgid... yes
checking for strlcpy... no
checking for strlcat... no
configure: error: Cannot find termcap library

Any suggestions how to resolve this. I did install
termcap from Yast but that didn't solve it. When I
look in /usr/lib/termcap I don't see termcap.h

Is there another place to look for that?



joe_audette [at] yahoo dotcom

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