[Mono-dev] Another issue with cairo in libgdiplus-1.1.9

Vorobiev Maksim MVorobiev at croc.ru
Mon Sep 12 13:16:47 EDT 2005

Good day.

Tarball libgdiplus-1.1.9 does not contains headers for experimental backends - ps, glitz and pdf from cairo sources. So it is not possible to build cairo packed with gdiplus for ps and pdf support. It's possible to configure these backands if supply --enable-ps and --enable-pdf on configure script of libgdiplus, but during make of library sources compilation fails with error: cairo-ps.h not found (or cairo-pdf.h not found, if ps-backend was disabled). The same issue for glitz backend.

IMHO, since libgdiplus replaces cairo library (and it's not possible now to compile it with-cairo=installed option), it'll be correct to enable support for these backends even if gdiplus does not use them.

Thank you.
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