SPAM-LOW: Re: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] make nunit work out of the box on 2.0 profile

Charlie Poole charlie at
Fri Sep 9 13:31:37 EDT 2005

Ideally, I'd like to see the mono version of nunit that we build kept in
synch with the one that you guys are building. So please let us know of
changes that you think should be reflected back to NUnit. 


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> Hello,
> On Thu, 2005-08-09 at 23:22 +0200, Kamil Skalski wrote:
> > Currently nunit distributed with mono is rather unusable with 2.0
> there are, at least, 14236 tests saying otherwise 

but I agree it may not be perfect for 2.0 ;-)

> assemblies. I attach a patch, which makes it fully usable:
> - nunit-console.exe.config is removed, because it enforces choosing 
> 1.1 corlib assemblies in preference over 2.0 ones

make sense as our main target is still 1.1 assemblies

>  (and the contents of
> this config are mostly related to making nunit work on 1.0 .NET, which

> is not an issue with mono)
> - nunit-console2 is added, I'm copying the design of monop2 and wsdl2
> - the nunit dlls from 2.0 are now installed

you mean installed in the GAC ?

if so what happens when 2.0 compiled assemblies overwrites the
assemblies compiled with 1.1 (same name, version# and public key) ?

does the 1.1 (default) profile still works ?

> Optionally we could leave the
>   <appSettings>
>       <!--    Specify the location to be used by .NET for the cache
>     <add key="shadowfiles.path" value="%temp%\nunit20\ShadowCopyCache"
>   </appSettings>
> section in nunit-console.exe.config and remove any other contents.
> Should I commit?

I think the real question is "is it working ?", i.e. have you tested
this on the mcs tree and ensure every test target are still working ?

Sebastien Pouliot
email: sebastien at

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