[Mono-dev] Remothing through HTTPS

Yngve Zackrisson yngve.zackrisson at mobila-kontoret.se
Wed Sep 7 11:23:05 EDT 2005

> > What I wonder is weather this approach gonna work with .NET Remoting 
> > and with different Win32 MS .NET clients calling a Linux Mono server?.
> Using client certificates in this (remoting) setup may prove a little
> more challenging as Fx1.x X509Certificate class has no notion of a
> private key associated with the certificate. This may be fixed by doing
> a custom remoting channel that use Mono.Security.dll (where you'll have
> a callback to supply the private key for your client certificate).

Excuse me but what is a "Fx1.x X509Certificate class" ?.

I have tried using a custom remoting channel, 
but not yet been able to configure it in Mono. 
I will try again.


Yngve Zackrisson

CK Management AB / Mobila Kontoret

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