[Mono-dev] Status of System.Drawing.Printing

Yngve Zackrisson yngve.zackrisson at mobila-kontoret.se
Wed Sep 7 10:51:52 EDT 2005

Hi all again.

After succeeding to with my remoting application 
I now try to print the file I previously uploaded 
to the Linux (Fedora 3 x86) Mono server application.
The Mono version I use is Mono

I now get a exception:
 EXCEPTION handling: NotImplementedException 
when i run my printout application.

When I downloaded the source code for 
System.Drawing.Printing (Mono 
I found that there was 'NotImplementedException' 
in the code for the following source code files:

- InvalidPrinterException.cs 
- PageSettings.cs 
- PreviewPrintController.cs 
- PrintController.cs 
- PrinterSettings.cs 
- PrinterUnitConverter.cs 

The methods in my application I (directly) 
miss implementation for is: 

- PrinterSettings.PrinterName 	(It was here I got the exception)
- PrinterSettings.IsValid 

What is the status for the System.Drawing.Printing?

Is there any chance of getting these methods 
getting implemented in the near future?

I need to know to decide how to go further with my application.
(AFAIK there is no error in my application in these parts, 
since I have got the printout working with MS .NET 
on the server side).


Yngve Zackrisson

CK Management AB / Mobila Kontoret

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